Tuesday, 17 March 2015

India's Daughter & Light!

Namaste All Ladies Out There!!

The news is all over. Yes! The film-Maker Leslee Udwin had decided to make a documentary (India's Daughter) on the Rape (Delhi Rape Case) that has caused a great Havoc all around the world! 

Unfortunately the documentary is banned in India! (Sad!) I read this post in The Guardian and there were tears rolling down my eyes! (It's been 2 years to the Rape already...) The brutality and crimes happening all around the world is a wake up call for every person on this earth!!  This rape case has moved every Indian in a way that the world would remember!

This month, we had International Women's Day! That's why I want to dedicate this Layout to all the Women out there who think gender inequality and discriminiation is a Crime! Ladies who want to fight for justice, who see hope in darkness,who want to be educated, successful , creative and themselves! :)

Jyoti’s father(The Nirbhaya girl's Father), a man of shining integrity, says of his daughter: “In death, she lit such a torch … whatever darkness there is in this world should be dispelled by this light.”

I hope this Layout makes all our ladies get inspired and make them feel proud to be a WOMEN! :)
You are beautiful ...ladies! <3
Love xx

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