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Every Crafter knows that Crafting is quite an expensive hobby! :P But there are a few things that can save your bucks! I am going to provide a list of things that you might use as a budget saving tip. :)

As a beginner, I hope you will find them useful!
  • Embossing Paste: Make a homemade embossing paste by mixing Talcum Powder, PVA glue and any ink/glitter! Your Paste is ready! (Also, you will get a lovely perfumed card!) ;) 
  • Embossing Gun: You really don't need a $20 gun if you can wait a little for the heat gun! Use your Iron or Hair Straightening rod instead!(Don't use it directly though! Press the iron on the back side of your Embossing Powder and you are done!) ;)
  • Rubber Stamps: We can save a LOT on this! You know when you just wana use small shapes on your card? Just carve your stationery rubbers with the required shapes! Believe me, you are gonna love those small stamps! (But remember to wash them off every time after use.)
  • Bokeh Stencils: Don't worry if you don't have Die cuts! All you need is a rounder and a cutter! Create your own stencil using a rounder and cutting out different size circles.(Use them as stencil for the amazing Bokeh Effect)
  • Digital Stamps: It's all right if you don't own a large number of digital stamps! What you need to do is go to their(Digital stamp company) respective sites and check for Freebies! You will find many and can use them in your lovely creations!
  • Zentangle Stamps: If you wanna while away some time try using zentangles on your cards by doodling them! They show off your card really well!
  • Ribbons: I have a habit of collecting ribbon from the Gift Wrappers! After a few months, I believe you will have your stock ready! :D 
  • Sentiment: This one has saved me more than once! All you need is Microsoft word and a printer! You are done ;)
  • Mixed Media Background : Do you have loads of scraps piled up after making new cards? Use them in your mixed media background. There is nothing better than that!

So, did you find these tips useful?

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